Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I love you for ever, I'll like you for....(S%^t the F&#k up!)

Stop right now. Unless he/she/they are sleeping. Pic them up, nearly nudey is the nest and snuggle them until the just can't get it anymore. The coconut shampo, the sweatly boddies and potatoe farm finger nails. He is running away from me....every step towards amazing and everything he dreams of. But for now he hasn't run that far so I am grabbing it while I can. inhaling every glorious smell, smooch and arm strung across my neck

There are days that are bad. So bad. Mediocre days, normal and days. I love hime consistently through each one although one in a while I just can't take it and I need my strong, tall, amazing, and yacky two and half year old to reassure me that his love will always include Momma!

                            Tired Momma not even out of the hospital but already enamoured

My 33'd Birthday present and his first Dins out

With this end I am going to snooze for the night with my dedicated co-sleeper.!





I just realized who I have become!

For all that is good in the Universe, I am her! But I HAAATTTTE her. She is a freaky co-dependent. I have banned this book from my house.....yet somewhere.....


Maybe not becuase I have way better sense to show up to my River's Dorm Room. You get what you get if you go searching during the experimental years......... Meh, I can at least hold onto that for now.

You know I'll be there casserole and "Eagle eye" on hand!

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  1. lol I hate a lot of this book too but there are parts that get to me (like the end always makes me cry when he's rocking his mom). Someone got it for us or I'm sure we wouldn't have it but I don't get AS pissy when Emily takes it out to read now. Still not thrilled about the Curious George books though- those could go. Anyway I totally know where you're at. I feel like I'm savouring every second lately. She's just getting SO old already. But I still can't see driving across town and sneaking into her room to rock her once she's moved out- that's just freaky.