Saturday, 21 May 2011

Beer Cocktail

It seems as though we have our long weekend! Not only did we all make it unscathed past 6pm, we get an extra day off to boot! Yippee. So......Cheers to you! And to me. In honour of the first long, lazy weekend of camping season I have a beer cocktail recipe for you.

When I was in Nanaimo in March my friend Brenda made this fan-freaking-tastic Guiness and Blackberry Chicken dish that was to die for. Seriously. Marinated in Guiness and Blackberry then basted with a similar sauce. Crazy good. This left a bottle of Blackberry Liquer on the table. I kept sipping it. And sipping. And sipping. Sweet, berry,luscious headache in a bottle. I found myself imagining a drink that could capitalize on the berry without being like a syrup. Then it came to me.....I had just tried a delicate beer from a little company called "Mnt Begbie" and it was still on my mind. It was so light and delish that I imagined a little fruit flavour would just take it over the top. So here it is.....

A beer cocktail. I must have heard about these subconsciously as my friend Mike of Rossland's "Boomtown Brewing Company" told me they were all the rage when I shared my seemingly original idea. The idea is simple. One shot of liqeur. Top with beer. For the record, my bestie Lea really liked a shot in her Spy Porter as well. Enjoy!


PS: Don't forget to hand over your keys before you start downing this delish concoction!

PPS: The first drink pic is a real live drink I tried on my birthday. A Lime Margarita with a Corona emptying into it. The "Matador." I highly recommend it.....or anything that involves lime, salt and a liberal hand with the Tequila bottle.


  1. Loves it. Great post. I remember the matador - invite me over next time you're drinking it ;)

  2. My birthday is friday and bet your butt I am trying this! YUMMY! I found you on the blog hop and am now following :) I hope you can check me out! and follow me back! Big weekend long give away starting friday :)