Monday, 13 June 2011

Life's about a trout.

So we took our entire family this weekend and plopped ourselves on the doorstops of my in laws. Kind folk since that means receiving three kids in various stages of development and mood. This can be volatile and is never, ever static.

On this trip which included a post ER rush I stayed up the entire night. I made muffins at 2:38 in the morning and had the entire truck packed when all four of them made their ways out of bed. GOOD MORNING! GUESS WHO HASN'T SLEEP. CAN YOU  GUESS, CAN YOU. Post caffeine intervention we headed on the road. It was a pretty uneventful journey and I must say a very pleasant visit. Taking the mega parenting from me and shoving a book in my face is met with strict denial, I must say.
"Amy, do you want....
"Sshh..... good part."
I feel a good parent always steps in first with when Grandparents are around.
"Shh, I bet Gramma wants to play that with you and can you get me a pepsi."
Last but not least a good parent always gets up with her child in any unfamiliar situation.
"Grrumble Grumble. River, Play. Grumble. Pappa. Dogbones. Shhh"

I am so glad that I am a great parent. And really glad that River's Grandparent's are, too. You should check out her stamping blog here. Her stuff is uber crafty.

Bottom line. Great weekend. The little Ranch, as I call it is one of my favorite places. I wish I could spend more time there. I come back so chill....likely do to the extreme Grandparenting support.

Last but not least. People as questions when your kid is white, as are you and your husband is not. Regardless.  Besides his Father's Sri Lankan side, Riv is light.No Biggie, no questions, just an occasional joke about it. Anyway, iyou know my husband, you will know a fishing aficionado. LIVES for it.

On our way to Vernon. River changed the words to "merrily, merryily, merrily, merrily, Life is 'bout a trout." While there is no actual doubt and this is all in jest let's consider this DNA Test A.

This piece of evidence DNA Test B-GROSS!
And the next couple are gratuitous because of how cute my son is!

River meet first fish

PS I never got to see my friend, MISTY who I love like CRAZY. So here is my partial apology! Love you!

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  1. So cute Amy! Enjoyed reading it and glad you had a good time at the in laws:) Shar